jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2014

Winter is coming

Or should I say, Winter is here! I took too long to write this post, and I apologize, but I have the best of excuses…
We are expecting our 3rd bird!  

And it is going to be a baby girl! We couldn’t be more ecstatic. But, the truth is that the baby comes with a bit of a health issue, so I have not been able to devote as much time as I would like to this blog. In any case, I think we are on route now, and it is about time to post a bit about the wonderfully warm, softy and incredibly cozy knit coats that my mother in law and I manage to knit for our 2yo baby bird winter survival kit.

To me, as lovely as huggable

We knitted both coats with Katia 100% Merino yarn. I was looking for a dusty pink but could only find this Rose, which in the end turned out ultra cute.  
Pink Rose Version

Especially, since I found a matching 6€ bonnet at ZARA which totally ease our lives to complete the pink winter set. 
The cap is not only cheap, it comes lined!
The making of process was not too promising, plus somehow, despite counting and recounting I ended up with a sleeve longer than the other...whatcha??
How could this happen?

But with a bit of redoing, and especially after my mother in law added the super warm fleece lining you can see here, the result might be the most useful knit coat we have ever knitted. 
Front (sleeves corrected!)

Back (add the slit, it is ultra cute as they walk)

Collar tiny button for extra air-tightness

Lining Detail on the back Slit
We were so encourage by the resul, that we went ahead and knitted an additional brown one, different pattern, aiming for color versatility, or should I say, neutrality.
I will show you next...

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