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Pool Tunic Tutorial

This dress is so wearable and so delivering, that we truly super recommend it for anytime summer time. We love it so much and we believe that it can really be so practical for any of your darling doves that we have even dare to try to put together a tutorial to incentivize you to make it.
This is all you need
 Please keep in mind that we barely know what are we doing, so we are most probably not the best example to follow..but somehow, the end result of what we make ends up looking cool. It must be all the love we put into it, or the cuteness of our little model. Either way, mysteriously enough, the dress turned out to be pretty neat, to the point of making us believe that somebody might want to follow on our steps…hence:
Tutorial for a Summer Dress 2014

Honoring our admitted and irrational passion for Liberty of London fabrics, we have made this dress using Peppered 2014 Tana Lawn 100% cotton. We found some cadmium yellow tulle and cotton to match the Liberty. We will make a diaper cover with the cotton and we will use the tulle for some accent along the hemline and possibly a hair piece if there is enough left over fabric.  

We create our patterns using the most technological and advanced techniques available...aka, tracing other garments. Thus, for the collar pattern, we just traced the neckline of a summer t-shirt that fits the subject perfectly. Trace the collar line, shoulder width and shape on a mock fabric. Both back and front of the t-shirt. Cut it. Divide the back in two symmetrical parts. Elongate the central part as to overlap in the middle because the dress buttons on the back.

Pattern Design
To save on mock fabric, we only cut the top. So when you transfer it to the Liberty, account for the total length of the dress, including allowances for the side seams and hemline. The dress is supposed to fit perfectly around the collar and to be gathered up both on the front and back, around the neckline, to gain some volume. So, cut the fabric twice as wide as the neckline is supposed to end up being. 
Beware of measurements and seam allowances

Cut the collar pieces, back and front, twice each. We interlined them to give the collar more consistency. 

Prolong the back piece as to overlap 2-3cm because the dress buttons on the back. 
Interline the collar pieces
Both the back and the front  of the dress are identical, but cut a short (5cm long) slit  on the back to fit the dress over the head. We have in the past forgotten that sort of little is this supposed to be put on? The slit will solve the problem.  

We found it cute to accent the top of the dress by ribbing it in yellow. And please, do keep all those Liberty scraps! they are sure to be found useful for something later on...anything.

What it is supposed to look like at the end...

With the left over fabric, cut some long straps about 3cm wide. By ribbing them in yellow, they can be used later on for accents around the armholes, or ruffles of the diaper cover, or maybe little accents on a pair of front pockets.  
Diaper Cover Pattern

Pin, Pin, Pin the dress to the collar. From the mid point of the collar half way to the left, and half way to the right, both front and back. The back should be a bit wider than the front, in accordance to your little victim's measurements. Beware of the armhole..make sure it is wide enough to fit your dolls little arms through. We have been known for having to rip some seams after having finished a dress just because no human arm, no matter how young the sample, could fit through them. 
Pin and Measure...thrice!
As anticiapted, we added some accents in a matching cadmium tulle to the hemline. Cut a 7cm wide strip of tulle, twice as long as the hemline. Gather it up. Pin it to the hemline, a sew along! The dress is almost finished if you can believe it. 
Almost there...

And it is done! meaning...get some matching buttons, make a couple of button holes on the back of the collar and be creative with your variations of the pattern. So far we included some front pockets in the Lavander Love Tunic we showed here and also, some ruffle ribbed trims around the armholes.Give it your personal je ne sais pas quoi!

One of many possible finishes of the dress

Show us what you make! 

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